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Fence Painting/Staining Near El Cajon, California

Keep your fence looking its best with professional fence painting and staining services.

Our expert team has years of experience revitalizing fences of all types and sizes. A fresh coat of stain or paint rejuvenates the look of your fence, protects the wood from weathering, and increases your home’s curb appeal.

With proper prep work and high-quality materials, our fence painting service will help your fence last for years while maintaining a like-new appearance. We handle the mess and hassle of fence staining and painting, while you enjoy the beautiful results.

Unlike DIY fence painting, our professionals properly prepare the surface for maximum paint adhesion.

We also use industry-leading paints and stains designed for durability. And with access to professional sprayers, we can complete jobs 3x faster than brush painting.

If your fence paint is fading, peeling, cracking, or just looking dull, let the experts bring it back to life. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout El Cajon, CA and surrounding areas.

Contact us today for a free quote on refreshing your fence with professional painting/staining services.

Process We Follow for Fence Painting/Staining

In-Depth Site Inspection

The first step in our fence painting process is a detailed inspection of your fence. We examine the current state of the wood, previous finishes, problem areas, and special considerations like landscaping that needs protected. This allows us to determine the best products and techniques for your particular project.

Our team pays attention to details like:

  • Type of wood (cedar, pressure-treated, etc.)
  • Condition of pickets, rails, and posts
  • Amount of deterioration or damage
  • Type of current finish (paint, solid stain, semi-transparent stain, etc)
  • Areas of fading, peeling, cracking, or alligatoring
  • Obstacles like landscaping, sheds, or electrical lines

Thorough inspections ensure we can prepare an accurate quote, set proper client expectations, and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Surface Preparation

Proper prep work is crucial for long-lasting, professional paint and stain results. Our fence painting crews take the time to prepare your fence using industry best practices.

For previously finished fences, we scrape and sand away all loose, peeling finish. Rotted boards or pickets in poor condition are replaced. We repair and replace nails/fasteners as needed. Any cracks or holes are filled to create a smooth surface.

For new wood fences, we clean the boards to remove dirt, oils, and other contaminants. New pressure-treated wood must weather for several months before finishing, so we only paint once the wood pH is neutralized.

Lastly, the entire surface is lightly sanded to remove debris and smooth rough areas. This prepares the wood for maximum paint/stain adhesion.

Protecting Landscaping and Property

Painting and staining is messy work, but we take meticulous steps to protect your property. Here is how we keep overspray and drips away from your landscaping and home:

  • All plants and vegetation are covered with tarps and plastic sheeting
  • Home siding is masked off
  • Drip trays are placed under the fence to catch stray drips
  • Paint shields keep spray aimed at the fence and not surroundings
  • Drip line sprinklers are temporarily shut off

At the end of the job, we carefully remove all protective coverings and clean up any minor spills or drips. Your property will be pristine yet again.

Applying High-Quality Finishes

Choosing the right fence paint or stain is critical for durability and appearance. At Fencing El Cajon, we use top brands designed for professional use. For paint, we recommend Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore alkyd/oil-based paints. For stain, Penofin or TWP provide excellent penetration and UV protection.

Painting is best for older, weathered wood, while stain is ideal for new pressure-treated lumber. We help clients select the optimal finish based on the fence wood, existing finish, sun exposure, and personal preference. Solid stains hide wood grain but provide more fade protection, while semi-transparent stains accentuate grain while allowing some UV penetration.

We apply finishes using top-quality brushes, rollers, and airless spray equipment. Sprayers allow us to work 3x faster than brushing with smoother, more consistent coverage. For ornamental or wrought iron fences, spray painting is a must for durability and efficiency.

Professional Multi-Step Process

Here is a summary of our start-to-finish fence painting/staining process:

  1. Inspect and diagnose current fence conditions
  2. Clean fence thoroughly and prepare surface
  3. Repair/replace any damaged boards or pickets
  4. Mask off home, plants, etc. to prevent overspray
  5. Apply high-quality primer if needed
  6. Apply two finish coats of premium paint or stain
  7. Allow proper drying time between coats
  8. Remove masks and tarps and clean up property
  9. Perform final inspection to ensure client satisfaction

With this proven multi-step process, we can refresh even severely weathered and deteriorated fences. Contact us to see how a professional paint or stain job can restore your fence’s function and beauty.

Follow-Up Maintenance

With proper application and high-quality finishes, your freshly painted or stained fence should last 3-7 years before needing a refresh. To maximize durability:

  • Allow finishes to fully cure for 24-48 hours before contact with surfaces
  • Be gentle around freshly painted areas to avoid nicks, scratches or transfer
  • Clean finished surfaces with mild soap and water only
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, pressure washing, or harsh chemicals
  • Check for cracking, peeling or bleeding annually and touch up as needed
  • Plan for full refinishing every 5-7 years on average

The longevity ultimately depends on the type of finish, amount of sun exposure, and the quality of surface prep and application. Rest assured our painting crews take every measure to ensure your fence stays looking freshly painted for seasons to come.

Cost of Fence Painting/Staining in El Cajon, CA

The cost to paint or stain a fence ranges from $3-$7 per linear foot on average. This estimate includes material and professional labor for a standard 6-foot tall wood privacy fence. Higher fences or surfaces requiring extensive repairs will fall on the higher end of this range.

Factors that influence the overall price include:

  • Type of fence material (wood, ornamental iron, chain link, PVC, etc.)
  • Height and total linear footage
  • Number of fence sides being finished
  • Condition of existing surface and needed repairs
  • Type of finish (paint, solid stain, semi-transparent stain)
  • Number of finish coats

We provide free, on-site quotes for all fence painting and staining projects. This allows us to inspect your specific fence and determine an accurate price for the full process – including pressure washing, stripping/sanding, priming, finish coats, and cleanup.

There are never hidden fees or surprise add-ons. We work with all budgets and can suggest ways to reduce costs if needed, such as only finishing the most visible fence sides.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Elevate your property with seasoned craftsmanship. Our experts bring years of skill to every fencing project, ensuring precision and durability.


Tailor your fence to perfection. We specialize in personalized solutions, offering a range of styles and materials to suit your unique preferences.

Quality Materials

Fortify your boundaries with top-notch materials. We source and utilize premium materials, guaranteeing a fence that withstands the test of time and elements.

Professional Installation

Trust in seamless installation. Our skilled professionals handle every aspect, from precise measurements to the final touches, ensuring a flawless fence that enhances your property.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority. We prioritize clear communication, transparency, and delivering results that exceed expectations, ensuring your satisfaction from consultation to completion.


Quality meets affordability. Enjoy competitive pricing without compromising on excellence. Fencing El Cajon makes high-quality fencing accessible for every homeowner.

FAQs About Fence Painting/Staining in El Cajon, CA

How often should you paint or stain a fence?

On average, fence finishes last 3-7 years before needing refreshed. Factors like sun exposure and the quality of prep work and finishes impact longevity. Inspect your fence annually and plan for full refinishing every 5-7 years.

What’s the difference between fence paint and stain?

Paint provides a coat that adheres to the surface, while stain penetrates the wood fibers. Paint hides grain and aging, while stain highlights it. Stain needs reapplied more often but doesn’t peel. Paint lasts longer but will bubble or peel as it weathers.

Should you paint or stain a new wood fence?

Stain is better for new wood, while paint works well for older weathered surfaces. The tannins in new pressure-treated wood need time to leach out before painting or it will bleed through. Stain allows the wood to breathe while protecting it.

Is it cheaper to stain or paint a fence?

Staining is often cheaper since it may not require primer, needs just one coat, and doesn’t peel that needs scraped. Multiple paint coats are usually needed. But stain fades faster requiring more frequent applications. Over the long-run, costs are comparable.

What kind of paint is best for outdoor wood fences?

High-quality alkyd/oil-based paint adheres better and lasts longer than latex acrylic paint outdoors. Though latex paint has improved, oil-based paint still provides the best protection for wood fence exteriors.

What temperature should you paint a fence?

Ideally between 50-90°F. Avoid painting in direct sun or on hot days. Cooler temperatures prevent drying too fast. If morning dew is present, wait for the fence to fully dry first. The painted surface also needs 24+ hours to cure before rain or freezing temps occur.

How do you paint a fence smoothly?

Back-brushing while spraying produces a smooth finish. Apply a thin coat, then promptly go over it with a brush stroke in the direction of the wood grain. Avoid over-brushing as this can cause streaks. Applying with quality brushes and rollers also creates smoothness.

How long does it take for fence paint or stain to dry?

Most fence paints and solid stains dry within 2-6 hours between coats. Drying times for stains vary based on whether the surface is sealed prior. Oil-based takes longer than latex paints. Cooler weather, high humidity, and poor surface prep also slow dry times.

How do you paint both sides of a fence?

Use extension poles with screw-on paint trays and mini-rollers to easily paint the top side from one direction. Move fence panels if needed for access. For ornamental/iron fences, spray painting is fastest for coating all sides evenly.

How much does it cost to paint a 6 ft tall wood fence?

For standard wood privacy fences 6ft tall, expect to pay around $3-$6 per linear foot for professional paint finishing. Higher fences or surfaces requiring extensive repairs may cost $6-$10 per linear foot. Get an exact quote.


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