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Windbreak Fencing Near El Cajon, California

A sturdy and attractive windbreak fence is essential for creating a comfortable outdoor living space in the breezy climate of El Cajon, CA. Windbreaks not only enhance privacy and security but also reduce annoying winds to allow you to better enjoy your yard.

Our team of fencing experts specializes in designing and installing customized windbreak fencing solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

With over a decade of experience, we understand the wind patterns and terrain of El Cajon and how to strategically place windbreak fencing to maximize protection. We use quality materials and advanced installation techniques to create long-lasting wind barriers that stand up to the elements.

A well-designed windbreak can reduce wind speed by up to 50% while still allowing some airflow. This keeps your yard comfortable for entertaining, play areas protected, and debris controlled.

When you choose us for your windbreak fencing project, you can rely on our outstanding customer service from start to finish. We listen carefully to understand your goals and then develop a tailored solution.

With safety and durability as top priorities, we handle the permitting process and all installations efficiently with minimal disruption to your property. We stand behind our craftsmanship with long-term guarantees.

Give your outdoor living areas defense against the wind and renewed usefulness by contacting the windbreak fencing specialists today!

Process We Follow for Windbreak Fencing

Initial Consultation

The process starts when our knowledgeable windbreak consultant meets with you at your property for an initial consultation. We take the time to view your yard and discuss how you want to use the space.

Wind direction, problem areas, dimensions, aesthetics, budget, and other factors are covered to formulate a fencing plan optimized for wind protection and your needs. We can provide suggestions on materials, placement, height, and more based on years of fencing experience in the El Cajon climate.

Custom Design

After the consultation, our team creates a detailed custom windbreak fence design tailored to your yard and goals. Using the measurements and other information gathered, we expertly plan the fence layout, materials, and specifications. The design considers optimal wind diversion, security, privacy, noise reduction, and visual appeal. We fine-tune the design until you are completely satisfied.


With the windbreak fence design finalized, our professionals handle the permitting process on your behalf from start to finish. We submit applications, provide required documentation, and work with the City of El Cajon permitting office to secure the approved permit. Our expertise streamlines the process to avoid hassles and delays.

Pre-Installation Prep

Prior to the installation date, we carry out all necessary pre-installation preparations to ensure an efficient windbreak fence project. This includes scheduling crew members, gathering supplies and equipment, and marking the layout on your property. If the project location requires digging, we can arrange utility locating services. Any site preparation such as removal of old fencing or debris is also completed.

Precise Installation

Our experienced crew arrives on the scheduled day ready to expertly install your new wind barrier fence according to the approved design. We take care to protect your property as we work.

With efficiency and attention to detail, we dig precise post holes, set and secure posts, and install fencing materials to create a solid and attractive windbreak. For added strength, we use robust metal or concrete reinforcement as needed.

Gates and Accessories

If your design includes gates or other accessories, we integrate them seamlessly during the installation process. This could involve hanging wood or metal gates, adding decorative caps to posts, integrating latticework or screens, and installing hardware. Everything is tested for smooth operation and security.

Inspection and Approval

Once the windbreak installation is complete, we carry out a thorough final inspection to verify every aspect meets our strict quality standards. We check for proper spacing, alignment, strength, gate function, and clean work area. If any touch ups are needed, we immediately make them. You also have the opportunity to inspect the fence and confirm your complete satisfaction.

Cleanup and Follow-Up

We never leave a messy site after completing your windbreak fence. Our crew meticulously cleans up all installation debris, sawdust, and dirt.

We confirm you are happy with the final result and there are no remaining questions or concerns before departing. Shortly after, we follow up by phone to address any additional needs and receive your feedback. Superior customer service continues long after the project is done.

When you choose us for your windbreak fencing, you can trust every step will be handled professionally with your satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us today to get started!

Cost of Windbreak Fencing in El Cajon, CA

The cost of your windbreak fencing project depends on several factors:

  • Fence Height and Length – Taller and longer fences cost more.
  • Materials – Wood, vinyl, aluminum and other materials range in price.
  • Accessories – Gates, latticework, privacy slats and other additions increase cost.
  • Site Complexity – Slope, soil type, and other site factors affect installation effort.
  • Permitting – Simple residential permits are minimal but commercial sites cost more.

While each project is unique, most residential windbreak fences range from $25 to $50 per linear foot installed. Higher-end materials like capped cedar privacy fencing can reach up to $100 per foot. Commercial sites and properties with extensive windbreak fencing needs are generally priced on a case-by-case basis.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Elevate your property with seasoned craftsmanship. Our experts bring years of skill to every fencing project, ensuring precision and durability.


Tailor your fence to perfection. We specialize in personalized solutions, offering a range of styles and materials to suit your unique preferences.

Quality Materials

Fortify your boundaries with top-notch materials. We source and utilize premium materials, guaranteeing a fence that withstands the test of time and elements.

Professional Installation

Trust in seamless installation. Our skilled professionals handle every aspect, from precise measurements to the final touches, ensuring a flawless fence that enhances your property.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority. We prioritize clear communication, transparency, and delivering results that exceed expectations, ensuring your satisfaction from consultation to completion.


Quality meets affordability. Enjoy competitive pricing without compromising on excellence. Fencing El Cajon makes high-quality fencing accessible for every homeowner.

FAQs About Windbreak Fencing in El Cajon, CA

What are the main benefits of windbreak fencing?

Windbreaks reduce annoying winds, improve comfort and privacy, enhance aesthetics, and help control dust/debris.

What factors are considered when designing a windbreak?

Wind direction, problem areas, yard usage, access needs, aesthetics, noise, budgets, property layout, and building codes.

How much can a windbreak fence reduce wind speed?

Properly designed wind barriers reduce wind speed by 35% to 50% while still allowing some airflow.

Where is the best placement for windbreak fencing?

Typically perpendicular to prevailing winds and along property lines, without blocking desired views.

What is the optimal windbreak fence height?

6 to 8 feet tall is ideal for residential wind protection. Commercial sites may require taller.

What are the most common windbreak fencing materials?

Wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, stucco, masonry, chain-link, plexiglass, and woven plant materials.

Is a permit required to install a windbreak fence?

Usually yes. We handle permitting for you and ensure code compliance.

How long does windbreak fence installation take?

Typically 1 to 3 days depending on length and complexity. We schedule efficiently around your needs.

How often does windbreak fencing need maintenance?

Minimal. We use durable materials and proper installation methods for long-lasting wind barriers.

Will my windbreak fence withstand storms and wind gusts?

Yes, our expert design and installation methods create wind barriers engineered to withstand the elements.


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